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biala & solana, a couple of scarlet macaws

Photo by: Johanna charpentier

pinky: the chichico



Dear animal lovers

Dear Animal Lovers,

It is indeed a hard time for all of us. For some of us more, for others less.

But everyone is suffering just in different ways.

In some countries you HAVE to stay at home and you can just go out to buy food, in other countries the restrictions are not as strict and you can go out and enjoy nature.

Here in amaZOOnico we are lucky to be able to go out, be in nature, surrounded by animals, sounds, smells and most important FRESH AIR.

The video you can find over the google drive link was taken last year, when everything was "normal", no one knew of what was going to happen and everyone was living their life.

We want to share it with you to remind you that there is something "usefull" that we can do right now. Help those who need our help.

Not only humans that are in need right now, as well animals that have always been in need, we just maybe never all realized it and never thought of it. And now in this time of need more and more will realize it and would like to help, to make a small change, which can lead to something big.

Amazoonico right now can't accept/receive any visitors, so we also don't have a lot of increases, which we need for example for food for our animals.

We are really sorry that for the moment it is not possible to visit us, but you can still help us, you can have a look on our website, where you can make a donation or adopt an animal:

We are as well in Teaming, if you would like to support us there, with $1 each month:

Thank you in advance!

We hope that you are doing or will do well! Take all good care of yourselves.

We send you a lot of hope, luck, patience and strengths in those times.

Hugs from the jungle,

Your amaZOOnico-Team

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Rae Heckerman thank you for this amazing video!

MAKISAPA GROUP (OLD)_2019_01.mp4