We rehabilitate and reintroduce wild animals victims of traffic to their natural habitats, take care of those who can't be released and carry out environmental education ACTIVITIES with visitors


We're an NGO. We can only continue helping animals thanks to your donations. Because of you they have a second chance :)

Interested in animals and conservation? This is your place. Come, volunteer and be the change you want to see in the world

Research can save lives, the forests and the Planet. Come to the ecuatorian jungle and discover how it can change your life

In here you will learn a lot about animals and nature meanwhile you're supporting a project which protects species and jungles conservation

We need lovely companies that want to collaborate with us by being our sponsors or giving us materials. Yours is one of these?

We can do beautiful things with academic groups! Click to see all the possibilities :)

If you have some talent and want to help us, tell it to us. We will find the way to do it! All the help is welcome.

Universities, people who love animals, organisations who want to donate material... could you talk with them about us?

In favour of wildlife conservation, we receive visitors from Monday to Sunday from 8:30h until 3pm

How to get here?


In Tena, find one of the bus terminals ¨Jumandy¨ or ¨Centinela del Tena¨. Take a bus to ¨Puerto Barantilla¨($2.40/1:30h). At Puerto Barantilla wait for a motor canoe and ask the driver to take you to Amazoonico (10min). The frequency and cost of the canoe rides varies a lot, so we recommend you to order before a canoe by calling Liana Lodge: (+593) 6 301 7702


If you want to enjoy a canoe trip, you can come to Amazoonico from Misahualli in canoe. We recommend you to call Carlos Santander at (+593) 98 452 5436. For $25/person (minimum 5 paxs) he will bring you to our animal rescue center and after the visit, he will bring you back to the city.