Help us


What does it mean?

It does not mean that you can take the animal that you adopt home, but you will pay a monthly fee, get monthly information and news about this animal. SO it will be a win-win situation you will be able to help us and get something back for it!

What do you think?

We have so many different animals, there is one for everyone!

Thank you for your help!


What are the different ways of donating?

(1) Donate money:

You want to invert money in a project like amaZOOnico, a project that is taking care of animals that should be wild and trying to reintroduce them? We need every money there is, they need a lot of food and medicine and time as well. So help us!


Donate one dollar each month and create awareness of the project and if that of illegal wildlife trafficking.

(3) Adopt an animal:

You want to give money and get something back, or have more informations about the animals? Adopt one of our precious animals.


We are open again! But now you have to make a reservation, before visiting us. It is for the safety and health of humans but most important for the safety and health of animals.

So if you are interested in visiting us, click the link below to have further information.