remember: WE'RE NOT A ZOO :)



Amazoonico welcomes visitors interested in learning more about the wildlife of Ecuador and the perils of illegal wildlife trafficking.

We can receive tourists from 8am to 3pm. Later than that, we can not accept any group.

Entrance fees are as follows:

  • 4$ Adults (age 8+)
  • 3$ Children (age 3 - 8)

Please note that Amazoonico is 100% non-profit. All money collected through entrance fees goes directly to caring for the animals and general maintenance of the center. Additionally, Amazoonico receives no funding support from the government of Ecuador or corporate sources, our only means of funding is through visitor entrance fees and private donations.

Visitors should be aware that Amazoonico is not a zoo. Many animals are being rehabilitated for reintroduction back into the wild. Additionally, we strive to give permanent residents the most natural and dignified lives possible. This means that visitors are not allowed to interact with animals by means of physical contact or verbal communication. Many areas of Amazoonico are off limits to visitors as we attempt to limit human interactions with animals which are good candidates to be released back into the wild. All visitors are accompanied by a tour guide that will explain the stories of our animals, and shed light on the devastating implications of illegal wildlife trafficking.

Please note that visitors wishing to take images or video with professional equipment will be charged an additional $500

For the safety of our visitors and well-being of the animals, we ask that everyone adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not touch the enclosures or animals
  • Do not talk or make sounds to the animals
  • All photos must be taken without flash
  • Do not feed the animals
  • Stay on walking paths and together with your group at all times
  • Do not enter restricted areas of the center
  • Do not interact with any free living animals
  • Do not bring dogs, cats, or any other personal pets to the center

Visitors who fail to adhere to these rules may be asked to leave the center