Research at Selva Viva

AmaZOOnico wants to support young conservation scientist conduct boots-on-the-ground research in Selva Viva! Selva Viva is a 1750 ha nature reserve, where most of our releases occur.

Support consists of full room and board at Selva Viva through the fieldwork phase of the project for the main researcher and 01 field assistant. All research topics are considered, but priority will be given to applied conservation research long term research projects (6-12 months) assessing the topics identified in our research priorities, which include:

    • Rehabilitation for release of woolly monkeys

    • Abundance, distribution, and habitat use of terrestrial mammals

    • Abundance, distribution, and habitat use of arboreal mammals

    • Ecology and/or ethology of free living primates

    • Evaluation of forest resource availability for different wildlife species e.g. tapirs, primates, peccaries

    • Evaluation of innovative techniques to detect hunting in the reserve (drones, smartphone monitoring systems, automated recording of sound and /or mage, etc)

    • Seed dispersal potential and effects of gut passage on the germination of seeds ingested by wildlife

    • Effects of the road on wildlife presence, movement, and survival

Researchers will stay in a rustic house located in Selva Viva (one hour hike from amaZOOnico). The house is equipped with a gas stove, kitchen ware, beds, and bedding materials. It does not have electricity or internet access. Once a week researchers will return to amaZOOnico for food and other supplies. All basic food items will be paid and provided by amaZOOnico.


  • Proficient in English or Spanish

  • Must have or be working towards a research degree (M.S., PhD)

  • Must be able to withstand environmental conditions of the Amazon rainforest

  • Must cover own travel expenses to and from Selva Viva

  • Non-residents of Ecuador must be able to obtain an Ecuadorian temporary resident visa (if research project will last more than 90 days)

How to apply:

  • Fill and submit our application form (found below)

  • Once you begin the form you will not be able to save and return, thus you must be prepared with the following documents/information before beginning:

    • Statement of Interest describing you motivation, skills, and background (saved as PDF)

    • Your CV (maximum 3 pages, saved as PDF)

    • Proposed budget for your project (in Excel format)

    • Timeline of project (in Excel format)

    • Contact information for two references

    • Abstract describing the project in 200 words or less

    • Description of main objectives and methods of the research project