Help the animals

Annually millions of animals are taken from their natural habitat. Some of them live in terrible conditions for their entire lives; many others die of malnutrition, illnesses or abuse. Only a few of them are fortunate enough to get a second chance.

Help us to care for them. With your donations you will help feed them, buy their medicine, give them specialized medical treatments, provide them with a home, and develop projects that encourage the protection of the rainforest and its inhabitants.

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Konto Padrinos del amaZOOnico, Zürich

Sparkasse Hochrhein, Waldshut-Tiengen

BLZ 68452290, account: 77052421


IBAN: DE16 6845 2290 0077 0524 21


Schweizerische Post

Account: 85 - 671667 - 6

Padrinos del amaZOOnico

Martin Pünter, 8032 Zürich

IBAN: CH26 0900 0000 8567 1667 6

Swift Bic Address: POFICHBEXXX


Banco del Austro

Remigio Canelos

Cuenta Ahorros

# 0015665807

Swift Bic address Citius 33

Ruc : 1500319841001

Av. 15 de Noviembre y Gonzalo Diaz de Pineda