Adopt Our Animals

In AmaZOOnico we believe in second chances! Often, the animals we receive arrive here in very poor conditions and require a lot of extra care, sometimes including special diets and costly medical treatments. While we try to do everything in our power to rehabilitate them, unfortunately, some of them are too sick or injured, or too humanized, to be released into the wild again. To give them the best chance of freedom or the most peaceful and comfortable life in captivity as possible, we need YOUR help. By adopting one of our animals, you can give them a second chance and we will keep you updated regularly about it's progress.

Baby Tapir Poppy

Poppi was born in AmaZOOnico in 2017 and is the second son of Carneval and Navidad. His older brother Pumpkin has already been successfully released and we are hoping to release Poppi too. As the second most trafficked bush meat, Tapir's are extremely endangered. By adopting Poppy, you can help us set up a release programm for which we can hire a researcher and invest in monitoring equipment, to avoid him being captured by poachers. Thereby you will also help his species from being extinct. Additionally, your monthly donations will make sure that in the meantime he and his family are well fed and healthy.

huachi, our ocelot

When Huachi was brought to us in 2012, he was still a baby and had to be bottle fed. Unfortunately, because of that, he does not understand, that he has to stay away from humans and therefore, most likely, he will not be released. To keep him healthy and happy nonetheless, we feed him a costly diet of chicken, eggs and meat and assist him with medical attention if needed. Help us ensure his well being by becoming an adoptive parent of this beautiful cat.

MAni and Bowie, our capuchin babys

Mani and Bowie are both capuchin monkeys with traumatic pasts, which leaves them in need of a lot of special care and attention. Eventhough Mani is still a juvenille, his recovery process has proven to be quite complicated. Luckily for him, his adoptive brother Bowie has been able to maintain his natural instincts and teaches him how to be a wild monkey again. Bowie was taken away from hunters when he was just a baby. He is afraid of humans and therefore relies on his older brother Mani to make him feel safe. By adopting these two baby capuchins you help us provide the special care they need and thereby increase their chances of a successfull release!

woolly BOY BAMA

Uvita was less than a month old when she arrived in AmaZOOnico in may 2017. Dew to the malnutrition she received from her previous owner, she had to deal with a series of complicated health issues ever since. Allthough her condition has improved tremendously, she remains the most sensitive of our woolly monkeys. To continue providing her with the intensive care and medical treatment that she needs, we need your help. By adopting her you can help us work towards releasing her together with her woolly monkey family, back into the wild, where they belong.

isla the tucan

This beautiful white throated Tucan was brought to AmaZOOnico in August 2017. She arrived as a small chick, bearing barely any feathers and showing severe signs of malnutrition. Nonetheless, she grew into a healthy adult Tucan and we tried to release her one year later. Unfortunately, she was already imprinted by humans and had to be rescued again from a village nearby. We had to restart her desocialization program and are still hoping to release her at a later point. Until then, you can help us keep her safe and happy by providing her with daily fresh fruits and some crickets every now and then. Adopt this beautiful bird to give her a third chance.